What skin care to use at the age of 25?

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Why it’s a great time to start using anti-aging products by 25?

Skin aging is a complex process, influenced by both internal (cell metabolism, hormones) and external (air pollution, harmful rays, toxins) factors. Living in a rapidly changing environment, with irregular lifestyle and eating habits, stress and increased air pollution, skin aging processes can start at an early age, so it’s crucial to follow a proper skin care routine at a young age. Here are some key factors leading to premature skin aging and how to prevent them:

Dehydrated skin. If the skin is not properly moisturized, the first signs of aging - small wrinkles - appear prematurely. Moisturizing creams and serums containing hyaluronic acids prevent formation of small wrinkles at an early age.

Free radicals. A small amount of free radicals doesn't harm the body, but often we have to deal with larger and more harmful amounts to the skin. This happens in the presence of polluted air or water, exposure to chemicals, cigarette smoke, ultraviolet rays, stress or inflammatory processes in the body. Skinkare with antioxidants such as tocopherol (vitamin E), coenzyme Q10 and sunscreen (at least SPF15) should be used to protect the facial skin from pollution.

UVA and UVB rays. Promotes photoaging, increases the amount of free radicals, slows down skin regeneration processes and healing, reduces the amount of elastane and collagen in the skin, causes pigmentation. Regular use of SPF creams is a great prevention against premature skin aging, it’s advisable to use them even in winter. It should also be important to limit the time spent in intense sunlight.

Decreased metabolism. Over time, cell regeneration slows down, skin becomes less elastic, loses firmness and color. To prevent this, it’s recommended to periodically remove stale cells with a facial cleanser, scrub and face mask. It is advisable to choose creams containing panthenol (provitamin B5) and tocopherol (vitamin E) - they promote cell renewal, regeneration of facial skin.

All things considered, the most effective way to stop premature aging is to take action at your 20s. Having a proper facial skin care routine will slow down the aging process, delay the formation of the first wrinkles, keep the skin smooth, supple and youthful.

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